Scarlett O'Hara was adopted by Bridgett Rowley after she was rescued from a puppy mill in NC. Scarlett lived with more than 100 other dogs in a small area. These animals were barely fed, lived in their own waste and received little to no veterinary care. 


Bridgett began researching puppy mills after she brought Scarlett home. She discovered that North Carolina and other States did not have puppy mill legislation in place to protect these animals. The owners of Scarlett's puppy mill only received probation. 


Bridgett started a grassroots movement to create awareness around the lack of puppy mill legislation. She is the liaison between the constituents and politicians. Bridgett and the committee at Canines & Couture disseminate information about the Puppy Mill bill and it's current status. North Carolina currently does not have laws in place that enforce Puppy Mills. Canines & Couture is committed to working hard to help create awareness around the puppy mill problem and the importance of animal adoption.



Kava was abandoned with his litter mates in the woods. Kelly Barnes' friend rescued the entire litter and brought them back to Wrightsville Beach, NC. Kelly's daughter, Lindy visited the newly rescued puppies daily. Lindy became very attached to one pup in particular. Kelly, Lindy & Mason decided to adopt The sweet puppy and named him Kava. Kelly's son, Mason named Kava after a drink that he discovered while surfing in Fiji. Kava loves long walks on the beach and strutting his stuff down the catwalk at Canines & Couture.



Rhett Butler is a one eyed Maltese that was adopted by Bridgett Rowley after he was rescued by Furever Friends. Rhett was tossed on the side of the road in North Carolina. His eye was dislocated and he was covered in dirt and fleas. Rhett had emergency eye surgery, but they could not save his eye. He had to have cataract surgery on his remaining eye a few weeks later. He could not see for a few weeks. Rhett had a long recovery, but he is now living a wonderful life.



Canines & Couture was so happy to help pay for Peg's medical expenses. Peg came from a puppy mill and was rescued by Furever Friends. She had an injured leg and they were worried that Peg might have to have her leg amputated. The veterinarian was able to save Peg's leg. She was quickly adopted and Peg is thriving in her new home.



Sierra is a 7 year old female dachshund. Sierra had an unstable walk and had to have surgery on the femur head of her right leg. She will need to undergo another surgery to remove two hernias. Sierra will be available for adoption once she has fully recovered from her surgeries. Canines & Couture will help pay for Sierra's surgeries and help her find a good home.